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CO2 Fractional Laser System

The fractional CO2 laser system has a steady and even laser for precise treatments. Using an intelligently controlled laser system, the CO2 fractional laser sends 10.6nm wavelengths which are absorbed by skin tissue to remove wrinkles and age spots and tighten and rejuvenate skin. Fast and easy with no downtime for the patient, the laser beauty equipment is a necessary addition to beauty care clinics.

1. Removes wrinkles
2. Strengthens and tightens skin, lifts up face
3. Skin rejuvenation, improves new skin generation
4. Removes age spots, blemishes, acne and freckles
5. Recovers skin damaged by sun and reduces scars from surgery

Operating picture

Technical Parameters
Scan pattern size 0.1mm *0.1mm-20mm*20mm
Scan mode Sequence scan or random scan
Quantity of dots 400 dots at most
Pulse duration 0.1-10ms
Spot distance 0.1-2mm
Pulse energy 1mJ-100mJ is optional for each dot
Cooling system Wind and water circulation
Laser apparatus Sealed-off laser device stimulated by direct current
Condenser focus f=50mm
Beam divergence angle 0.3 mrad
Spot size ≥ 0.2mm at the focus
Radiation time/interval time 0.011s
Aiming beam < 2mW, 635nm red semiconductor laser
Power supply AC110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions Packing cases for the machine 50*80*110 ( CM ) 70KG Packing cases for the handle 75*20*14 ( CM ) 5KG
Weight 50kg Fractional CO2 Laser
Details of handle pieces and tips

After Sales Service

One year warranty, two year updated warranty and lifetime maintenance.
1. Within one year, if there are any problems with accessories, we will promptly send a new spare part.
2. Within one year, if you need to send back the equipment for repair, we will be responsible for repairing the machine free of charge.
4. If you have any questions, our technical department will respond using online services.

OEM & ODM Features
1. Software adjustment (logo & menu design, different languages)
2. Unique machine shape (color, shape, logo)
3. Number of treatment handles and filters.
4. Packaging (style, material, label design)
5. Depending on budget: machine weight, size, etc.

We provide onsite training, detailed user manuals and operating CDs, as well as online training.

1. How many treatment sessions will I need?

Though treatment is different for each individual, most people need three sessions once a month. Some people may need twice as long.

2. Does The Treatment Hurt?
Laser treatments take only 20 minutes and there is very little discomfort. Topical numbing cream may be applied depending on the clinician.

3. How long will recovery take?
Complete healing occurs within 4 to 7 days, though most patients are comfortable enough to go back to work 3 or 4 days after treatment. Swelling generally subsides within several days following treatment.

4. What aftercare do I need?
Avoid direct sun exposure until fully healed. Your clinician may give you specific skin care products and instructions on how to use them.