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4-in-1 Lipo Laser+Cavitation+Vacuum+RF Slimming Machine

The 4-in-1 slimming machine combines lipo laser, cavitation, vacuum and RF technologies for body slimming, smoothing out stretchmarks, and removing wrinkles. The highly effective Lipo laser + cavitation + vacuum + RF slimming machine is a non-invasive, comfortable treatment that has no downtime for customers. A 650nm lipo laser penetrates the skin just deep enough to reach the layers of fat, releasing fat into the body which will be burned off naturally and reduce the size of fat cells. Our 40K cavitation section applies concentrated levels of ultrasonic energy to target areas, destroying fat cells and fat cell membranes, which the body then eliminates through metabolization. A vacuum section uses RF penetration 5-15mm deep to effectively break down fat cells and capillary vessels while also promoting lymphatic drainage and metabolism for body contouring and healthy skin structure. Clinically proven for safe and effective body slimming, our multifunctional slimming machine gives consistent and immediate results time and time again.

1. Postpartum body reshaping
2. Skin lifting and tightening
3. Cellulite reduction, wrinkle removal, and weight loss
4. Effective promotion of lymphatic system circulation
5. Strengthens skin elasticity

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