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Ultrasound 3-in-1 Cavitation+Vacuum+RF Slimming Machine

The ultrasound cavitation + vacuum + RF slimming machine combines three technologies for body reshaping, weight loss and skin rejuvenation treatments that show immediate results. A cavitation section emits strong sound waves of 40000HZ to vibrate fat cells and create air pockets, which helps to disrupt and disintegrate cellulite. A vacuum section dissolves fat and firms up skin, enhancing skin elasticity. Combined with the RF section, which uses radio wave currents that penetrate deep into the skin, the slimming machine directly reaches deep-seated fat cells, tightening skin where wrinkles or lines may be and smoothing out the face. With comfortable, non-invasive treatments, the 3-in-1 slimming machine is great for patients and physicians can easily operate this beauty care machine thanks to a user-friendly 8'' touch screen and unique patented design.

1. Postpartum body reshaping
2. Skin lifting and tightening
3. Cellulite reduction and weight loss
4. Effective promotion of tissue metabolism and blood circulation
5. Strengthens skin elasticity
6. Remove wrinkles caused by age and fatigue

Four Goals of 3-in-1 Slimming Machine

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8" Touch Screen

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