Other Workshops (inspection, storage, screen printing room)

Inspection room
In the inspection room of our beauty care machinery factory, staff test finished products with a vertical laser instrument to check if the water circuit is leaking, the electric circuit can be powered on and off, and if there is any scratch on the PT surface.

Then we test the laser in an aging test. By adjusting the parameter, we use the laser handle to test photographic paper, which works 5,000+ times.


ODI's storage space is more than 500 square meters and can store more than 2,000 kinds of equipment cases, power supplies and other accessories.

Consumable spare parts are purchased from international markets. The solenoid valve is imported from Japan, and the radiator is imported from Taiwan, ensuring these instruments work continuously. The treatment head chip is imported from America and can store more than 3,000 points of treatment in its memory.

The low temperature solenoid valves for thermage machines are imported from Japan as are the 650nm laser light for slimming machines, which has a service life and treatment effect 3-5 times better compared to ordinary laser lights.

Light is imported from the UK.
Fan is imported from the USA.
Water pump is imported from Germany.

Screen printing room

Our screen printing room is used for storing screen print plates with logos required by OEM customers. We wash the plates, brush them with ink for exposure and dry the plates.

When brushing ink, we tape the plates into a fixed position then use acrylic paint to brush on, a process which requires 3 operators: one have to clean and affix blank plates, one to screen print the logo, and the third to remove and dry the finished plate.

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