Workshop 2

Ultrasonic skin tightening knife line

Workshop 2
ODI is a growing beauty care machinery supplier. Our Workshop 2 covers more than 800 square meters and houses 7 ultrasonic skin tightening knife production lines, 10 laser eyebrow washing machine lines, and 4 circuit board welding lines.

The ultrasonic skin tightening knife line installs and inspects the main power supply, cooling system, controller, touch screen, and circuit connecting wire.

The integrated circuit board has 3 layers of a small size. It takes only 1/4 of the space of the common integrated board, is easy to install, has good stability, and is three times more thick than traditional circuit boards.

Employees connect the electrical circuit wire, which can be customized for mass orders. The failure rate is five times lower than artificially pressed connecting wires.

Laser eyebrow washing device line

In our laser eyebrow washing device line, we install and inspect the water circuit, electrical circuit, capacitance, controller, touch screen, and connecting wire.

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